The Tuzla Community Foundation (TCF) was established through the joint initiative of the citizens of Tuzla, the International Youth Partnership Program (YEPP), and the German foundation "Freudenberg Stiftung".

TCF stands as the pioneer in the development of community foundation movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Like other community foundations, the TCF represents an innovative and efficient model of connecting local resources with local needs.

Our vision is of a vibrant and prospective community of engaged citizens who create a sustainable and secure future for all generations through active participation and shared resources.

The TCF strategically channels donations towards improvement of quality of life in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a particular geographic focus on the Tuzla region.

Through its programs, TCF engages citizens into the educational programs for democratic community development, co-finances civic initiatives and collaborates on partnership projects to ensure sustainable development of the communities. TCF initiatives are aimed to promote philanthropy and encourage volunteerism for the benefit of society.


Why partner with us?


Good partnerships generate changes that last. TCF invests in local communities and engages an ecosystem of diverse partners. Working together, we are able to deliver more sustainable and equitable solutions and amplify our impact. Partner with us and create an everlasting impact!


For two decades, we forge strong relationships with a wide range of actors, ranging from government officials, corporations, foundations, small businesses, CSO's and local activists. Together, we advance solutions, strengthen policies and establish systematic collaborations that benefit everyone.


With the help from our partners and donors we create an eco system where every effort and every collaborative activity results in systemic changes that affect communities and lives of marginalized groups and those in need, providing them all with means and tools to handle future challanges.

The Tuzla Community Foundation offers a safe, simple, and transparent way for donors to invest in the development of the community in accordance with their philanthropic wishes. By pooling donations, we can increase the impact of investments in the community through support programs for activists, youth, children, and other vulnerable groups.

The Tuzla Community Foundation aims to strengthen the capacities of leaders of formal and informal groups through efficient, accessible, and innovative support programs in the field of active citizenship, youth empowerment, and open education. Our goal is to help them develop themselves and their community in an organized and systematic way.

Most notable partnerships

Freudenberg Stiftung


Olof Palme


CS Mott Foundation


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